6 Website Tips for Next Year

It’s sometimes hard to believe that another year has passed us by, but there is no time to reminisce when it comes to your website. The dawn of each January brings new competition, new Google algorithm updates, and new design trends that can’t be ignored.

Here’s a quick list of website improvement ideas to review with your team – and then strongly consider implementing them in 2022.

  • Illustrations for effect – With so much flashing animation and vibrant imagery on the internet, going in the opposite direction can be a great way to stand out a little bit. An illustrated drawing can end up attracting some great attention. Done right, illustrations can help tell your brand story in a new and fresh way.
  • Large “hero area” – This is the area just below your navigation bar. It’s the place where your main tagline goes along with a background image. Because of larger screen sizes, you’ll see these images get taller and take more screen space in 2022.
  • Large & bold text – Another idea for your hero area. Increase the size of your text and use a thick font. Bold typography is a trend worth considering. Any chance to capture and engage your end-user is a plus, and this is a great way to do it.
  • Vibrant colors – Use colors for effect. Bright, even pastel, colors are making a comeback and – when done right – can not only draw the eye, but can also create a positive emotional response with your site visitors during the buying process. Double bonus.
  • Mobile-ready design – Google will rank your site lower than your competitors if your pages don’t display correctly on mobile devices. So, fix that first. For those already mobile responsive, now make sure your site is thumb-friendly: No buttons or navigation the thumb can’t reach.
  • Expand use of video – Move beyond embedding customer testimonial YouTube videos on your homepage. You can now use videos as the background in your hero area. Or any other area of your site for that matter. Increases in bandwidth and optimization technology make this a reality.

You don’t want to fall behind or end up with customers complaining that your website is no longer meeting their expectations. If you let the design of your website slip that far, it may be too late to claw your way back. Being proactive on the web is always the best strategy. Plan a team meeting to discuss how you can improve your web presence next year – and bring this list with you.