Brandi Gwin

Vice President & COO

Brandi Gwin joined the team at Vital Integrators in August of 2017. Vital Integrators currently employs 10 staff members and has customers along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Brandi has since become a managing partner in the organization and fills the role of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Her attention to detail and strive for excellence are both qualities she helps instill in all the staff of Vital Integrators. She places a high value on teamwork and customer satisfaction.

With her experience in various business environments, she is well equipped to handle the day to day operations of the company and helps oversee all office management. Brandi excels in high stress environments and is instrumental in making sure processes, procedures, and documentation is well thought out and implemented for all clients of Vital Integrators. Administration and documentation are now core values of the company because of her expertise and skill set.