5 Ways 5G Can Help Your Business in 2022

January 18, 2024

The availability of 5G is growing rapidly, and it's time to consider what that means for you. According to Ericsson, there will be approximately 100 million 5G subscribers next year in the U.S. With that kind of prevalence and market share, what are the possibilities for new ways to improve your business? Well, here are 5 to consider.1. Productivity: Your employees can work with low-latency, yet powerful connections to the cloud. If that's the case, the actual devices won't have to do as much of the work, and less computing means faster results. It’s time to make sure your devices and service provider are 5G-ready. 2. Presentations: Whether it is sales or training, the opportunities for creative meetings over virtual or augmented reality are a modern-day possibility. How could this set your business apart? Well, in some pretty cool ways. Not just in the market, but with your remote employees' experience as well. 3. Customer Experience. Videos will download in a blink. Online presentations will be seamless, so highly-produced product demos will be a snap to offer. Even things like a warehouse walk-through for a large online audience of prospective investors, which previously may have faced spotty connectivity and bandwidth issues, will be high-quality every second of the broadcast. 4. Internet of Things. While IoT is a concept that has been around for a couple of years, 5G takes it all next-level. It won't be merely about connecting things and sending alerts, it will allow machine learning and AI to come along for the ride making critical, timely business decisions in real-time. 5. Innovation. With this speed comes opportunities. The door is open to creating new products and solutions that can collect data quickly, respond at lightning speed, and bring an online experience to life over virtual reality like never before. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. How can you just be better, faster, and more agile than your competitors? 5G is going to be more and more widely available, and it’s time for your business to consider what’s possible today. The question for your organization is: How will the new, blistering hot speed of business benefit you in 2022 and beyond?