11 Best Free LastPass Alternatives in 2024: How to Switch?

February 14, 2024

Did you know 78% of people in 2019 had to reset a password they forgot in the last three months alone, according to a study by HYPR? It's a hassle we've all faced, which makes password manager LastPass a great option. 

If LastPass has been your go-to, but you're itching for a change, you're in luck. There are plenty of robust, free LastPass alternatives that can offer you the security and convenience you need without costing a dime.

1. Bitwarden: The open-source champion

Bitwarden stands out for its strong commitment to open-source transparency, meaning anyone can check its code for security. It offers unlimited password vault across devices on its free trial, and you can also self-host it if you're into that kind of thing. 

2. 1Password: Not just passwords

1Password goes beyond just storing passwords by also securely saving your documents, credit card information, and notes. While its free version is more of 14-day free trial, it’s a great way to test-drive its features and one of the best free password managers. 

3. Dashlane: The user-friendly pick

If you're looking for top LastPass alternatives, Dashlane is perfect if you want something straightforward yet powerful. With a free plan that allows up to 50 passwords and one device, it's ideal for personal use. Its simple interface is like having a friendly guard dog that only you can command, keeping your digital life safe.

4. KeePass: The DIY option

KeePass is a bit different, as it's entirely free and open-source but requires you to be a bit more tech-savvy to set up password sharing. It's like building your custom security system from scratch, offering complete control over your digital keys without any cloud dependency.

5. NordPass: The new kid on the block

Created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN, NordPass offers a modern interface and a strong focus on password security. Its free version covers the basics well, offering cross-device synchronization and zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring only you have access to your vault.

6. Google Password Manager: The seamless integration

For those deeply embedded in the Google ecosystem, Google Password Manager is among the great LastPass alternatives that offer a seamless experience, automatically filling in passwords across sites and apps on Chrome and Android devices. This awesome password generator is totally free, as well! 

7. Microsoft Authenticator: More than just authentication

While primarily known for its two-factor authentication capabilities, Microsoft Authenticator also includes a free password manager that syncs across Microsoft devices and accounts. It's a two-in-one deal, acting as both a bodyguard and a secretary for your password health. 

8. RoboForm: The veteran

RoboForm has been around for a while and offers a free version that includes storing unlimited passwords, form filling, and notes. However, syncing across an unlimited number of devices is reserved for the paid version. 

9. Zoho Vault: For the team players

Zoho Vault is great if you're looking for something that has small team or family plans, with free plans offering personal use and affordable options for teams. It’s like having a communal safe where everyone can store their valuables, yet only you manage the key.

10. Sticky Password: The underdog

Sticky Password may not be as well-known as some others on this list. However, if you're looking for an alternative to LastPass, this app offers a solid free version with unlimited password storage and secure notes. 

11. Passbolt: The team collaborator

Passbolt is an excellent alternative to LastPass, which is unique because it's designed with teams in mind, even on the free version. It's open-source and can be self-hosted, making it ideal for businesses looking for a customizable password management solution. 

12. LastPass Free: Yes, it still counts

Ironically, LastPass’s own free version is one of the viable LastPass alternatives if you’re primarily a single-device user. It offers unlimited password storage but limits you to one type of device, either computers or mobile devices. 

Why do you need to have LastPass alternatives?

Why is it better to get the best LastPass alternatives? 

When it comes to managing your passwords, LastPass has been a household name for years. However, the digital world evolves rapidly, and what was once the go-to solution for password management might no longer be the best fit for everyone. Here's why: 

Security features

In 2022, LastPass was hit by not one but two significant data breaches. The initial breach happened in August 2022 when an intruder managed to compromise a software engineer's corporate laptop.

A month later, a subsequent breach occurred when the attackers gained access to cloud backups that contained both encrypted and unencrypted LastPass customer data, ranging from website usernames and passwords to secure notes and form-filled data. Even more troubling was the theft of unencrypted data, such as website URLs. 

Feature limitations on free plan

One of the best reasons why it's better to choose LastPass alternatives is due to their altered free plan that restricts users to either mobile or desktop devices, not both. This change pushes users towards their paid plan if they wish to sync across multiple types of devices. 

Privacy concerns

With LastPass breaches over the past years, data privacy is now a questionable topic for the app. Any ambiguity in a company's privacy policy or data handling practices can be concerning. Of course, users want assurance that their data isn't being mishandled or exposed unnecessarily. 

User interface and usability

If you're looking for the best LastPass alternatives in 2024, don't worry; we get it. Some users find LastPass's user interface a bit clunky or less intuitive compared to newer offerings on the market. Technology should simplify life, not complicate it. If using a password manager feels like navigating a maze, it might be time to look for a clearer path.

Better alternatives to LastPass are available

The tech landscape is always changing, and many new password managers have emerged, offering unique features, better interfaces, or more attractive pricing models. Some alternatives offer open-source transparency, more flexible free plans, or innovative security features that might better match your needs. 

Personal or business needs

Your specific requirements might have evolved since you first started using LastPass. Perhaps you need a solution that offers better team collaboration features, stronger security protocols, or one that integrates more seamlessly with your other tools. Your choice of a password manager should grow with you, adapting to your changing needs. 

How to make the switch?

How do you make a switch from LastPass in 2024? 

Switching from LastPass to an alternative password manager might seem like a big leap, but it's simpler than you think. 

Step #1 Choose the best password manager

Before migrating from LastPass, pick a new password manager. Consider what's important to you, like ease of use, security features, or price. There are plenty of great options out there, like 1Password, Bitwarden, or Dashlane.

Step #2 Export your data from LastPass

First, you'll need to gather all your passwords from LastPass. Here's how:

  • Log into LastPass, look where your data is stored, and find the option to "Export" your data. This is usually in the account settings.
  • LastPass will ask for your master password again for security reasons.
  • Once confirmed, your data will be downloaded as a .csv file or another format, depending on what your new password manager prefers.

Step #3 Import your data into your new free password manager

With your data exported, it's time to move it to your new home to your best options: 

  • Open your chosen password manager and look for the "Import" feature. This is often found in the settings or tools section.
  • Select the file you exported from LastPass. You might need to choose the format or specify that it's coming from LastPass.
  • Follow the prompts to import your data. This might take a few minutes, depending on how many passwords you have.

Step #4 Double-check your imported data

After importing, take a moment to make sure everything looks right:

  • Browse through your passwords and notes to check if they're correctly imported.
  • Look out for any duplicates or missing entries. It's better to spot them now than when you're trying to log into an account later.

Step #5 Install browser extensions/apps

To make your new password manager as handy as LastPass, don't forget to:

  • Download and install any browser extensions or mobile apps offered by your new password manager.
  • Log in to these apps and extensions using your new account details. This will enable auto-fill features and make logging into sites a breeze.

Step #6 Update any stored payment information

If you used LastPass to store payment information for online shopping, remember to manually enter these details into your new password manager. Most don't import payment information automatically for security reasons.

Step #7 Securely delete your LastPass account

Once you're happy with the switch:

  • Go back to LastPass and delete your account. This option is usually found in the account settings.
  • Follow the steps to confirm the deletion. LastPass might ask for your master password one last time.

Step #8 Change your master password

As a final security step:

  • Change the master password of your new password manager to something strong and unique. Even if you had a solid master password in LastPass, starting fresh adds an extra layer of security.
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Is LastPass no longer safe?

With recent security hiccups, LastPass offers a dilemma for users and leaves many wondering about its safety. It's true no service is impervious to threats, but repeated breaches can indeed be a wake-up call to explore safer LastPass alternatives for your digital security needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best LastPass alternative?

When you're looking to choose the best LastPass alternative, focus on finding a secure password manager that offers robust encryption, is available on iOS, and supports the secure storage of an unlimited number of passwords. Look for features that LastPass doesn’t offer, such as open-source transparency or a more intuitive interface for sharing passwords. It's about finding the best fit for your security needs and device ecosystem.

What are the top alternatives to LastPass in 2024?

The top alternatives to LastPass in 2024 include options that prioritize encryption, offer open-source accessibility, and provide comprehensive password management solutions. Unlike LastPass, these alternatives may offer better credential management and a more user-friendly approach to password storage on both desktop and mobile devices.

Why is password management important?

Password management is crucial because it ensures your digital credentials are stored securely and efficiently. A good password manager uses encryption to protect your data, making it accessible only to you. This is essential for maintaining the security of your online accounts and personal information.

Which password manager offers the best free plan?

The best free plan in a password manager often includes features like secure password storage, the ability to sync across multiple devices, and strong encryption. Open-source options can also provide great value, allowing you to review the source code for additional peace of mind regarding your data's security.

Are there any open-source LastPass competitors?

Yes, there are open-source LastPass competitors that offer transparent, customizable, and secure alternatives for password management. These options allow users to review and contribute to the software's development, ensuring a community-focused approach to security and functionality.

What makes the best LastPass alternatives of 2024 stand out?

The best LastPass alternatives of 2024 stand out by offering superior password management features, such as advanced encryption, a user-friendly interface, and the option to choose a premium plan with additional features. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction and security that's often considered better than LastPass.

How can I ensure secure password storage with free LastPass alternatives?

To ensure secure password storage with a free alternative, look for a password manager committed to using strong encryption methods to protect your data. A secure password manager will allow you to store an unlimited number of passwords and find the best password management solution that fits your needs without compromising on security.