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Yes, we do video, audio, and lighting, but our focus is IT and security. We believe all these systems work together, but your core IT infrastructure has to be right to make everything else run smoothly. Security can be painful if not done correctly. Our team uses a proven system that we have refined to make you as secure as possible, while still being user friendly for your staff.

Our mission is to provide a personal and accurate service to our clients by helping both businesses and end users fully utilize technology to enhance day to day operations while focusing on cyber security to manage and limit risk associated with business operations.

Prior to 2019, Vital Integrators operated under the name, Computer F/x. We have been in the IT service industry since the early 90’s but as technologies began merging together and our area of expertise continued to grow, we made the decision to change our name to better describe what we do on a day to day basis. We felt Computer F/x did not fully articulate to our clients everything that we could do for them. Adding Video, Audio, and Lighting to our portfolio, we can be an even greater asset to our existing customers and future customers alike.

Our Principles

For each project, task, or install, clearly think through all steps and anticipate challenges. Have a clear vision and understanding of the scope of the work and the customer needs, anticipating future requests. Always look for ways to improve the client’s setup. Set, meet, and exceed goals both personally and as a company.

Be honest in everything. When a mistake is made, be quick to own it. Never mislead the customer, co-workers, or management. We hold integrity in the highest regard, and this is a pillar to our business and employees.
We value teamwork. Not only does this apply to your co-workers but also to strategic partnerships we have with vendors, contractors, and of course our clients. Always be thinking of ways to improve workflow for the team. In projects or daily workflow use the three C’s – communicate, clarify, and confirm. Communicate also means do not be afraid to ask questions. Clarify is a step to make sure you understood what is being asked of you and the opportunity to raise any concerns. Confirm when you have completed your tasks effectively.
The three key characteristics of working at Vital that make up our definition of attitude is to be Hungry, Humble, and Smart. Be hungry in your quest for knowledge and put passion in your work. Be humble when mistakes are made or when receiving correction or critiques. Be smart in not only expanding your knowledge but also to know when to say things and when not to, when to escalate issues, and when to ask for help. Remember, it’s not what you say but how you say it. We must be as polite as possible but also understand the demands and stress of the situation. Do not take offense if someone gives you constructive criticism while you are doing your job. Understand it is for a reason and if needed, ask for clarification later.
We believe everyone here is a leader. We value ideas, opinions, and input from every staff member. We want to hear what we can do to improve as a company. We realize everyone on the team has a different perspective and sometimes that perspective may be the best solution. You are leading either a customer through a problem, helping a co-worker, or leading yourself by participating in personal growth. We will always be learning, leading, and growing both personally and as a company.
Paul Mancuso
Paul MancusoPresident & CEO
Paul Mancuso is the President and CEO of Vital Integrators based out of Lafayette, LA. Vital Integrators currently employs 10 staff members and has customers along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Paul has a unique perspective and understanding of the IT industry as a Managed Service Provider but also installs and designs audio, video, and lighting systems for churches and businesses that have a strong desire to integrate those systems around a core IT infrastructure. He desires to provide a personal and accurate service to clients by helping both businesses and end users fully utilize technology to enhance day to day operations. As a Managed Service Provider, Vital Integrators focuses on putting client security first with a custom security and productivity platform.

Paul excels in the field of network and systems integration, as well as managing corporate networks. He specializes in finding better, more efficient, and more creative ways of accomplishing goals, which frequently prove to be more cost-effective. He is extremely motivated by the challenge of helping to redirect the course of an organization through the proper use of technology, and he takes great satisfaction in helping them save money in the process. Paul resides in Lafayette, LA with his wife Misty and sons Landon and Greyson.

Brandi Gwin
Brandi GwinVice President & COO
Brandi Gwin joined the team at Vital Integrators in August of 2017. Vital Integrators currently employs 10 staff members and has customers along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Brandi has since become a managing partner in the organization and fills the role of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Her attention to detail and strive for excellence are both qualities she helps instill in all the staff of Vital Integrators. She places a high value on teamwork and customer satisfaction. With her experience in various business environments, she is well equipped to handle the day to day operations of the company and helps oversee all office management. Brandi excels in high stress environments and is instrumental in making sure processes, procedures, and documentation is well thought out and implemented for all clients of Vital Integrators. Administration and documentation are now core values of the company because of her expertise and skill set.

Why Choose Us?

We know that businesses and churches come in a variety of sizes and budgets. One of the unique perspectives we have is knowing how to get the most out of your systems and processes. We specialize in working on solutions and long term strategy rather than just fixing problems as they come up. Our desired goal is that every single one of our customers comes to us for any VITAL systems and allow us the opportunity to work on refining existing systems. IT is our focus but if you need any help at all with any other system, we know we are the right company to do the job!

We do offer maintenance agreements for IT, managed services, and maintenance of any video, audio, and lighting systems.

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Budget Friendly
  • Expert Team Members
  • Software & Hardware Guidance
  • Strong Partnerships
  • All In Solution Pricing

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