Extension Round-Up

January 18, 2024

Google’s Chrome browser dominates 80% of the market. You’re probably using it now to read these words. And, if you’re not, you should be. It’s the most popular for a reason. It’s fast, robust, and very useful. In fact, here’s a quick list of 11 'Extensions' you can add to supercharge your browser and get wildly productive in the process.1. StayFocusd - As the name implies, block sites that suck your time. Or at least set a timer for how long you can surf them.2. Grammarly - The grammar teacher you never had. Never flub a typo or write a run-on sentence again.3. 1Password - Ironically, you should never have just one. Creates and manages unhackable passwords for all your accounts. 4. Just Read - Strips all imagery and ads from a page leaving just the words, so you can, well, just read. Saves time and eye strain.5. RescueTime - This one provides reports on how you spend your time online for any given period of time. Be prepared for a Facebook reality check.6. Loom - Capture a screenshot or, better yet, record an explainer video for your team with ease. Asynchronous communication is all the rage with remote working.7. Hunter - Great for sales. Click the icon in your toolbar and Hunter will display every name, email, and title of employees from the company to you. It feels like magic. And it’s free.8. Noisli - For those who can’t work in silence. Pump some ambient sounds into your office and see your productivity soar.9. Workona Tab Manager - For those of us who have so many browser tabs open we lose track. Group and label them with WTM and keep an eye on everything with ease.10. Pocket - Save any element of a web page: image, text, URL, or video to your special account. Viewing later is easy, and they even make recommendations for other content based on what you’ve saved.11. Momentum - And finally, a little zen. Every time you open a new tab, this add-on will display a serene image with an inspiring quote for the day.The good news is that this list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find an extension for just about anything you could possibly need in your web browsing. Try some and see for yourself.