Best Mobile Payment Apps

January 18, 2024

Whether you’re a sole proprietorship, small business, or large enterprise, it’s important you keep up on how people prefer to spend their money. Statista predicts the number of mobile buyers in 2024 to be 187.5 million people. So, it’s easy to see that understanding how your customers prefer to buy from you and what your options are for the future could make or break your revenue goals moving forward.Here are 7 mobile e-commerce apps you need to at least be aware of and, ideally, consider adding as ways for your customers to do business with you.Google Pay – It’s Google, so trust and confidence are built into the experience. And while you might assume this is specifically for mobile Android users, there is an Apple option, and you can use on the web as well.Apple Pay – On the other side of the coin, this one is for iPhone users only. But with one click, a consumer can buy your product and be on with their day. Over 65 million people used this service in 2020, according to Statista, so you’re in good company here.PayPal – One we’ve all seen before. But don’t dismiss them for being a bit longer in the tooth. They have years of established credibility and, for some, is the only processor they are willing to trust.CashApp – By Square, this mobile pay method is getting a lot of traction lately. It’s simple to use and consumers can incorporate crypto and stocks into purchase power for the ultimate in alternative buying options.Venmo – Started in 2009 as a simple payment platform, they added a social networking aspect to the app later. It got lots of traction as a peer-to-peer tool and is currently owned by PayPal. There are some concerns around privacy with Venmo, but that hasn’t stopped its popularity.E-commerce success stems from access, great pricing, usability, and now, more than ever, pay options that make purchasing easy for end-users. Keep an eye on the mobile payment space because new possibilities are always on the horizon.