How to Hire Tech Talent

January 18, 2024

Whether your company specializes in technology or not, there's no doubt that software and hardware are a key piece to you business success. Finding the best people to own and be responsible for your technology can be a challenge. In fact, recruiting and keeping top IT talent is a top strategy and priority for many in the C-suite this year. Here are some creative ways to find the right talent:- LinkedIn. The ultimate source for all business talent. Those looking for new work can be easy to spot and reach out to on this go-to platform. - GitHub. If you're not familiar, it's a place where developers securely store the code. And with it is an entire searchable directory of who uses the tool. - Stack Overflow. Another online destination for those in the tech community. It's a Q&A forum for techies. Finding a frequent contributor on this site could just mean you've found a diamond in the rough. Once you find where the talent is, it's your job to get them interested in your company and the work you do. Here are some solid ways to attract the right people for the job:- Get the title right. Don't get too fancy when naming the job. Use industry standard titles to get the best applicants.- Sweeten the deal. Many firms recruiting talent offer bonuses for performance or evening signing as an employee. - Remote work. We are all used to working from home now. Don't make coming into an office required.- Expand your reach. Now that remote is standard, you can hire talent from around the globe. - Focus on culture. What's it like to work are your company? Stress work/life balance and other ways to show you get the "people" side of business. - Offer referral bonus. Sometimes working the network is key. Ask your existing staff if they know anyone that fits the position requirements, then offer a reward for a successful referral. In the end, it’s important you don’t take the hiring of these critical positions too lightly. There is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than a bad IT hire. Find the right team and keep them happy.