Machine Learning & AI: How They Can Work for You

January 18, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are tech terms that we hear used in a variety of ways today, and many times incorrectly. There are a few misconceptions about how they are related, and it's important to not only know the difference, but to also understand how you can use them to improve your own business processes and workflows. What is AI really?AI is basically when a computer (or machine) mimics brain functions that we would normally associate with another human mind. In its simplest form, doing things like learning, planning, perceiving, problem-solving, and reasoning. So, while its most commonly attributed to things like robotics or even someday surpassing the power of the human mind, it's actually used in much more practical ways that are ubiquitous today, like smartphone voice commands, facial recognition, and flagging credit card fraud. Machine Learning is Part of AIMachine Learning isn't separate from AI. It is, in fact, more of a subset of AI. ML involves an algorithm - or series of algorithms - that learn and improve by analyzing a set of data over time. Machine Learning could help identify a kitten in any particular picture it looks at, for example. The more pictures it sees with kittens - some different colors, at different angles, and different sizes - the better and faster it learns to pick out felines over time. Simply put, you're training the machine to learn. How Can AI and Machine Learning Work for You?Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, it might seem a bit unrealistic to think ML or AI could be a part of your everyday life. But the truth is, you're already using them and just might not realize it. Like when your email platform automagically suggests the best time to send your next marketing message. In addition, there are other economical and easy-to-implement ways to incorporate them into your business today. - Automate content creation and distribution- Make more data-driven decisions- Speed up administrative work- Identify server security issuesSo, while AI and Machine Learning have been around for a while, their potential in how they can help businesses is just starting to be realized. Don’t let their futuristic nature keep you from exploring how they can help you today.