Virtual Trends for 2022

January 18, 2024

Gartner predicts that 2021 will close out having worldwide public Cloud revenue coming in at around $332 billion. Billion, with a 'B'. That's over a 20% increase from 2021. Like any expanding technology, what's the future holds is completely different from what we are seeing today.Here are a few trends in the virtual space for 2022:Hybrid Options. Businesses can have a public, private or hybrid cloud model. Some heavy-hitters in the digital space, like Microsoft and Amazon, now offer a hybrid approach to help meet the growing demands of their customers. The hybrid model is becoming more of the standard offering these days. It helps minimize the complexities some organizations face with using only public or private. Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning (ML) requires some serious processing power. This makes the virtual space a natural home for it. As AI, like Siri, continues to grow, so will its need for faster processing speeds. Sustainability. Greener computing also seems to be another natural direction of things to come. The heat, power, and infrastructure of data centers seem to be a growing concern. Some companies are even moving to solar or wind power, to reduce their power consumption. Get in touch with Vital today to see discover the possibilities these virtual trends!