The Best Password Generators

January 18, 2024

If your organization's information hasn’t been hacked yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not vulnerable. It may be just a matter of time. A study by Keeper Security showed that 81% of breaches are caused by dismal protocols – including weak passwords from employees – and that the average cost of a breach can be millions of dollars.Here’s a quick breakdown of what some of the best password tools offer. It might seem like a pain to need to implement one more piece of software for your business, but this is the software that literally keeps all the other software safe. There are over 50 password organizers to choose from, but this list narrows it down to what are the best-rated across the Internet.1. DashlaneThis option is easy to use and has many excellent features. It’s the only one out there with a VPN. And it’s considered a very solid VPN.

• Change passwords automatically.

• Unlimited data VPN.

• Share passwords with your team.

• Audits of your password strength.

Up to 1GB in storage.

2. 1PasswordAn intuitive password creator with a full range of useful features. It comes with more security features than most of its competitors, and they are all a dream to understand, access, and use.

• A feature called “Watchtower.” It scans the web for public databases that may have been compromised, including on the Dark Web, and creates new, highly secure passwords for those accounts.

• A feature called “Travel Mode.” This hides passwords from the main vault area, so any type of potential attack cannot access any private information.

• 2-Factor-Authentication. This way you can sync with a one-time password and use biometrics to access your secret IDs.

3. RoboFormIt’s not just for protection, but it also helps with filling out any forms quickly and safely. It comes with a 30-day free trial of their premium offer.

• Two-Factor-Authentication.

• Auditing of password strength.

• Monitoring of breaches.

• Note sharing and password sharing.

• Emergency access.

4. KeeperComes with a “zero-knowledge” policy, 256-bit AES encryption, and many great choices for multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.

• KeeperChat – Private, protected messaging.

• Digital storage up to 10GB.

• Auditing of password strength.

• Monitoring the darkest places on the web.