The iPhone Upgrade

January 18, 2024

Developers are doing the final testing of the new iPhone operating system, 15.4. It will be released to the public this month. And while there might not be a ton of fanfare when that happens, this set of alterations could help you stay safe, feel more included, and help you express yourself just a little bit better.Embrace the change when it comes and download this new iOS. You'll be able to take advantage of these 4 enhancements and more.1. Siri's Voice AdditionIn an effort to further expand Apple’s diversity and inclusion efforts, there will be a 5th American/English voice added to your phone. It will be a genderless sounding audio option for those in the LBGTQ community. There are examples of what this voice sounds like just a simple Google search away.2. Emoji HeavenFor those that love a good emoji, the yellow icons are getting some new friends in this upgrade. Here are some that will be included: face with saluting hand, hands in the shape of a heart, a crutch, and an identification card. Our changing times demand new ways to wordlessly express ourselves.3. Payment Card BalanceFor those that love the wallet feature that allows you to pay with a simple pass over of the payment pad with your phone, this one is for you. Your current balance and basic bank statement items can now be displayed while using.4. Anti-Stalking ImprovedAirTags have gotten some bad press lately because people were planting them in purses, pockets, and wheel wells of cars to track the unsuspecting. Moving quickly, the Cupertino juggernaut created some terse warning upon activating the tags, noting it’s a crime to stalk people. It also improved how we can all see if there is one in our vicinity we weren’t aware of.These aren't the only things happening, though, as part of the update. You will be able to use Face ID now with your mask still on as well as benefit from changes to PassKey, how you log on to WiFi networks and manage your health records.